The End of all stories

I'm here to make you aware of what the mind often overlooks. To guide you to a moment pf realization where everything becomes simple, when we begin to understand the essence of our existence, and experience great relief. 

What is nonduality

Nonduality is not a religion, science, or philosophy. It is a reality that is beyond words and can be experienced by anyone. When we rely on words, we can acquire knowledge, but when we go beyond them, we recognize the unnamed reality - the Self.  

Nitya Pro

Nonduality for professionals, who support and inspire others.

15 MAY – 15 JULY 2024
8 weeks • Satsang in person and online • 1:1 Nitya


"Nitya Patrycja Pruchnik is the first meditation teacher in Poland within the non-duality tradition. For over 10 years, during her meetings, she has been pointing towards happiness and peace, which are always accessible regardless of circumstances, yet common to all people. She has led over 70 weekly meditation retreats and hundreds of meetings, lectures, and talks on awakening and freedom. She is the author of books on enlightenment and meditation, which have been translated into foreign languages. She shares her discovery with people around the world. By education, she is a musician and sociologist."

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"At the exact moment when you are taking your breath, someone else is taking their last breath. So stop complaining, open your eyes and make the most of this moment."



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When you meet a teacher who saves you from all future teachers and teachings, you have to be grateful. Grateful for coming home. Grateful for calming the monkey mind. Grateful for being. Thank you, Nitya.

~ Anna

Satsang with Nitya was the most beautiful and important thing that happened in my life.... and changed it.... from that moment I am still discovering life anew....

~ Edyta

Thanks to you, Nitya, my life continues to change. It is full of joy and love. I watch every video from beginning to end and listen to every meditation many times – thank you. I am changing and everyone around me benefits from my peace and calmness. The whole world becomes more beautiful.

~ Tomek

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