“There is a place,
where nobody wants anything from you and you do not want anything from anyone…
There is a place,
where you can shelter when there’s no sun, where you can hide when the wind blows…
There is a place,
where you love, without wanting to be loved,
you understand without needing to be understood,
in giving, you receive,
in dying, you’re born into eternal reality.
This is where I want to meet you”.

Nitya Patrycja Pruchnik

Nitya Patrycja Pruchnik is the first meditation teacher in Poland in the non-duality tradition. For over 10 years, in her meetings, she points to the happiness and peace that are always available, regardless of circumstances, and yet common to all people. She has already led over 70 weeks of meditation retreats and several hundred meetings, lectures, and talks on the topics of awakening and freedom. She is the author of books on enlightenment and meditation, which have been translated into foreign languages. She shares her discovery with people all over the world. She has a background in music and sociology.

My history

In 2008, I fell seriously ill. Being bedridden for several months, I began to spontaneously observe my sensations and thoughts. One night, during a profound exhaustion, a sentence spontaneously arose within me: "What is seen cannot be that which sees"I saw that everything I experienced was passing, including emotions, thoughts, and all states and their interpretations. I began to wonder, then, what enables
and perceives the transient things? 

This question surprised me a lot and turned my whole world upside down. I looked at myself and my life from a different perspective than before.

I realized that I could not actually be what I thought I was.

Spontaneously, with this insight, much of the anxiety, psychological tension, and fear subsided. The whole story of 'me' and 'my' life crumbled. My own thoughts ceased to impress me. However, at that time, I didn't have complete clarity about what had happened and what it meant.

Two years later, I traveled to southern India. In Tiruvannamalai, I met teachers who verbally
and non-verbally confirmed my discovery, pointing to the original non-dual state and the illusory nature of the mind.
and the personal "self". They explained to me what I had recognized during my illness, the non-existence of the personal 'self.' I felt immense relief at that time. Since then, becoming aware of consciousness beyond individual perspective has become my entire life. It made me stop seeking happiness externally and started experiencing incredible peace.
and freedom regardless of circumstances. 

I was then fascinated by satsang – a meeting during which the teacher points to consciousness as the basis and source of all experiences and phenomena.

I spent a significant part of my life in retreats, mainly with the teacher Mooji, to whom I owe the most. Thanks to his guidance, my inquiries and self-exploration came to an end. I received the name Nitya from him, which means Eternal Essence. I also participated in retreats and meetings with other non-duality teachers, whom I later invited to my home, organizing the first non-dual meetings in Poland. 

Life began to flow effortlessly and without the author. For months after waking up, I could not find the words to describe the peace, joy and simplicity of life I began to experience. Spontaneously, more and more people gathered around me, intrigued by the transformation I had undergone. In 2014, I began to share a nondual perspective with others. Since then, I have devoted all my activity to nonduality, and I try to guide others on how to free themselves from false beliefs, find peace and complete their spiritual search. So far I have conducted more than 70 weekly meditation retreats and more than 800 lectures on freedom and enlightenment in Poland and other parts of the world. Most recordings of these events are available for free on my channels online.

Although I do not have a goal to save the world, my greatest passion is to share recognition with those who are willing to look inward and ask themselves, "Who am I?" The solution to this question solves all others.

In the book The End of All Stories: Meditations, I describe the details of my personal biography. It's a journey that uncovers the universal tale of every human being who yearns to break free and find their way back home. 

Miałam ogromne szczęście spotkać na swojej drodze wielu wspaniałych i inspirujących ludzi, którzy towarzyszyli mi w procesie dociekania swojej natury. Są to m.in Mooji, Stuart Schwartz,  Shiva Shakti, Jac O’Keefe, Cezar Teruel, Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira oraz nieżyjących;  Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji), Robert Adams, Jean Klein, Anandamayi Ma i wielu innych.

I am very grateful to them for their guidance and invaluable advice.

Nitya is a nondual modern mystic. Her direct pointing to the essence of each person answers the inner need of our times. She reaches the hearts of those who want to end their search for happiness and experience fulfillment and peace of mind. Her presence, natural openness and love help people immerse themselves in meditation and forget their problems. With humility, wisdom and insight, she helps to look into the human psyche, distance oneself from beliefs and touch the deepest recesses of the mind. She does not offer any religious, psychological or philosophical knowledge. Each encounter with her makes participants experience more consciousness, joy and freedom. Her message is universal and non-religious. Nitya attracts people of all ages and social backgrounds: students, therapists, educators, spiritual seekers, retirees, entrepreneurs and people from the world of show business. She shares a broader perspective beyond the individual and shows what is common to all people regardless of circumstances and social status. Nitya is not a traditional teacher or guru. She is an authentic woman, a mother of two sons, who leads an ordinary life.

Anna, participant of satsangs and retreats

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