Satsang obcowanie z prawdą niedualność naturalny stan istnienia


The word "satsang" comes from Sanskrit and means "association with truth."

Satsang is a gathering that aims at awakening to the truth and returning to the natural state of existence. It is neither a teaching nor a mental concept. It is for those who genuinely desire to discover what is eternal, unchanging, and free within us.

Satsangs are spontaneous and focus on self-inquiry, examining who we are beyond conditioning. In satsang, we are not interested in seeking answers to questions about the world of phenomena but in looking in the opposite direction, toward what enables us to experience at all. This is not about an intellectual or metaphysical answer but about awakening – direct, beyond-the-mind self-realization.

During satsang, Nitya guides us to discover our true nature. She does not present any spiritual knowledge because we don't need to learn anything. The knowing is already within us. Satsang simply helps wipe clean the glasses clouded by experiences and beliefs and enables us to clearly recognize the natural perspective of consciousness. This consciousness does not pass away – experiences change, but that in which they occur does not. It is beyond time and beyond thought.

In satsang, we do not engage in seeking a way to reach consciousness or to awaken. Nitya says, "You are already what you seek, and the one who wants to get to consciousness is the biggest obstacle." When we understand this, deep transformations begin in our lives.

Satsang is not a path of strenuous effort. Satsang is devotion. It requires us to let go of our attachments to what seems real. Instead, it shows a transcendental perspective that goes beyond identification with a person. Satsang is a deep rest and freedom.

Nitya describes satsang in this way:

"During satsang, words are only an excuse. The real feast happens in silence."

"In the same way we grow out of certain beliefs, we can grow out of identification with the mind."

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