Retrets and Satsangs

Our meetings are based on Satsang (Sanskrit for 'being in the company of truth') and meditations. Satsang is a gathering aimed at awakening to the natural state of existence. It is neither a doctrine nor a mental concept. It is for those who feel a genuine desire to discover that which is eternal, unchanging, and free within us. During our meetings, I point to inner silence, which makes it easier for us to let go of uncertainties, fears and worries. This is a unique opportunity to truly relax and get rid of unnecessary stress.

During retreats and live gatherings, we can experientially and directly recognize what we truly are, our essence, and also find rest and inner balance. Our meetings bring with them:

  • the end of searches (psychological, mental, and spiritual),
  • transcending attachments and opening up to a broader perspective of consciousness,
  • emerging from psychological and mental suffering,
  • recognizing our undivided nature,
  • the opportunity to awaken to the fundamental freedom that resides within everyone,
  • the opportunity for a better understanding of oneself, one's problems, and conditioning,
  • a return to authenticity, peace, and happiness,
  • a sense of community and unity with oneself and others.

Each retreat is supported by a group of professionals who have been working with me for years and are part of my community. In addition to meditation and satsang, program includes:

  • workshops and lectures conducted by therapists and psychologists,
  • music and dance sessions (e.g., ecstatic dance, 5Rhythms dance, spontaneous dance, Afro dance),
  • body-related workshops (e.g., yoga, tai chi, dynamic meditations, massages)
  • activities involving voice work, singing, theater, and more.

    Meetings and retreats are not translated into English.