nitya ananda david rausch


In July, during the Vibration Festival, the musical composition "Nitya Ananda," for which the music was composed by David Rausch, had its extraordinary premiere. Festival-goers loved it from the first note, and we... decided to keep the momentum going. Soon, an English version and a music video were created. Both language versions of the song, as well as the music video, can be found on our social media channels (YouTube). However, here we want to share with you its lyrics/meditation, which invites you to mindfulness and being Here and Now.


There is a place
where you can hide when there’s no sun,
where you can rest from the wind.

There is a place
where you love, without wanting to be loved,
you understand, without needing to be understood,

You are here
Everything is here

Before I was born I was already in the Stars and in the Space
And so where you

You are the Sky
You are the wind
you are the Ocean
You are People of all the world

I am made of you
you are made of me
No separation
No duality

We are Nitya Ananda
The essence of everything
We are God
We are Life
We are Bliss

When you open your eyes, God opens His.
When you close your eyes, He closes His.
Without You, there would be no God,
without God, there would be no You.
Emptiness is dancing

Forget everything,
Do not try to grasp, remember or know anything.
When you forget you are opening yourSelf up.
When you forget
You are exepriencing Heaven

The sweetness of Silence will welcome you as the most beautiful lover
Surrender into Her Light

I will be waiting…


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