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Satsang & Meditation in Budapest


We warmly invite you to a two day satsang with Nitya. Encountering nonduality dissolves what is no longer needed in our lives, making room for true happiness and lightness that are our nature.
So if you feel:
⦁ missing joy and fulfillment
⦁ overwhelmed and overstimulated on a daily basis.
⦁ fear or anxiety
⦁ something is missing in your life;
perhaps Nonduality is the answer you are looking for.

Satsang, or “communication with the truth”, will help you to:
⦁ transcend the attachments of the mind,
⦁ find distance from thoughts and suffering,
⦁ finding a place inside you that is always calm, independent and where you can find solace.
⦁ discover the real you, your essence and source, pure Presence for everything that happens.
Satsangs with Nitya are spontaneous and alive. Therefore you will have the opportunity to raise matters that are important to you during meetings and to clarify yours doubts or fears coming from the mind.

About Nitya

Nitya (Patrycja Pruchnik) woke up in 2011.
Her main teacher is Mooji. He gave her the name Nitya, meaning Eternal Essence.
She has already led over 70 week-long meditation retreats and several hundred meetings, lectures and lectures on awakening and freedom. She is the author of books on enlightenment and meditation, which have been translated into foreign languages.
he meets with people looking for answers to the most important questions, ready to discover the truth about themselves, open to exploring the nature of reality.


Saturday, 20th April:
13.00 - Introduction to nonduality and guided meditation
Lunch break
17.00 - Satsang
Sunday, 21st April
10.00 - guided meditation
Lunch break
13.00 – Satsang

Please come to each meeting 15 minutes earlier and take a seat in the room. We will make sure that this time is pleasant thanks to a specially selected playlist.
Chairs and cushions are available on site.


The Satsangs will be held by Nitya in English, which will be interpreted into Hungarian.


Full cost of 4 meetings: 90 Euro which can be paid on site / also in HUF at the current exchange rate.


Please fill the form

The number of places at Satsang are limited. It is worth registering as soon as possible to secure your place.


Please send your questions to
We are waiting for you with love! See you soon!
Nitya & Team


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Buddhista Misszió Karinthy Frigyes út 5, Budapest 1111, Magyarország